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6 Scary Reasons to Stop Ignoring Your Snoring

Kingston TN

Snoring is a common problem; in fact, everyone snores at some point in their life. Whether due to a sinus infection, consuming alcohol before bed or being overly exhausted, occasional snoring happens. But for people who snore regularly – whether lightly or loudly – an underlying condition may exist and could require treatment. While it’s tempting to ignore snoring, the nighttime sleeping condition could negatively impact your overall health and wellness.

Our Kingston dentists at LakeView Dental Arts are experienced in treating sleep apnea and are sharing today six scary reasons you should stop ignoring your snoring and seek treatment as soon as possible.

  • Weight Control

Studies continuously show that snoring and problems with weight control go hand-in-hand. Those who snore loudly, for instance, are often overweight and have excess fat tissues that block their airways. When the blockage occurs and your body does not receive adequate rest because of breathing difficulties, it often interferes with your efforts to lose weight. Until you address your interrupted sleep patterns, it is likely you will struggle with weight-loss progress. But with proper nutrition and rest, your body can let go of the weight it’s been holding onto.

  • Morning Headaches

As anyone who struggles with headaches knows, waking up each day with a headache can feel crippling. Intense pressure can cloud your thinking and concentration, leading to work-related accidents, missed deadlines and other mistakes on the job. Our Harriman sleep-apnea dentist explains that frequent morning headaches may be a result of snoring while sleeping. As your airway becomes blocked, it prevents proper oxygen flow into the body and the brain. Many times, that means you consequently begin your day with a headache. While reaching for over-the-counter medications may be your instinct, it’s only a temporary fix. Without proper treatment, the underlying condition that’s causing the headaches will linger.

  • Excessive Daytime Fatigue

Snorers often suffer from excessive daytime fatigue because their bodies struggle to breathe through the night. When you have a blocked airway, your brain must wake up your body and tell it to breathe, causing sleep-cycle disruptions. Daytime sleepiness holds a myriad of possibly disastrous complications, including falling asleep at the wheel of your car while driving. While most people turn to coffee or energy drinks as a quick remedy, that’s merely a band-aid approach to a serious sleep condition.

  • Increased Snoring Intensity

Snoring, even a little bit, can disturb your sleeping partner, often leading to separate sleeping situations. According to our Rockwood sleep-apnea dentists, avoiding treatment will unfortunately often lead to even louder snoring. Aside from the sound being obnoxious, louder snoring also indicates your condition is advancing, potentially causing serious health problems. If you snore and your partner says it’s growing louder, we recommend you seek professional help sooner rather than later.

  • Health Risks

Snoring may sound harmless, but it indicates that your airway is blocked and your body isn’t receiving enough oxygen, which poses multiple health risks. Aside from being sleepy throughout the day, sleep loss can also result in a wide range of health consequences, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, heart attack, stroke and depression. It’s crucial, then, to acknowledge the snoring and accept treatment before long-term damage occurs to your body.

  • Difficulty Concentrating or Remembering

Our Kingston sleep-apnea dentist explains that our brains require oxygen to function properly and effectively. Since snorers develop blocked airways, the brain and body don’t receive the oxygen required for daily functions, resulting in a lack of focus, an inability to concentrate and challenges trying to remember things. Snoring disrupts the brain from REM sleep, the deepest stage of our sleep cycle, which means the brain is unable to properly restore and rejuvenate.

Sleep Apnea Dentist in Kingston, Harriman and Rockwood, TN

Sleep deprivation is a chronic health problem that is often undiagnosed because millions of people accept their snoring as natural since so many people do it. Snoring, however, is commonly a symptom of a much larger medical condition that worsens over time without proper treatment. If you snore, our sleep-apnea dentists want to meet you. Schedule a consultation online today, or call our LakeView Dental Arts dentists at (865) 376-9687.

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