Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Kingston, TN

Crooked or misaligned teeth not only look unsightly but they can also make cleaning your teeth difficult.

Without proper cleaning, you will eventually experience tooth decay and periodontal disease. This can have severe consequences for your teeth, gums, and underlying bone. Our mission at LakeView Dental Arts is to help you avoid these problems.

Until recently, traditional braces were the only way to align teeth properly. Unfortunately, traditional braces can be unattractive, uncomfortable, and even painful to wear. This is why LakeView Dental Arts offers Invisalign® as an excellent alternative to achieve a beautiful, straight smile!

Invisalign® Process

Before we can begin the Invisalign process, we must determine you are a good candidate. It all begins with a dental exam at our office. During this exam, Dr. Walmsley may take photos of your teeth and face, dental impressions, x-rays, or 3D scans. It is important to note that Invisalign may not be for everyone. Patients with severe malocclusions, such as crossbites or open bites, may not qualify for treatment.

Once we have enough information, we will send it off to Invisalign, along with detailed instructions on how we want to move your teeth. There, they will scan your impression to create a 3D model of your teeth. This model will be used to move the teeth in a step-by-step process using a series of trays.

Once we are satisfied with their plan, Dr. Walmsley will order the series of clear trays, also known as aligners, and have them mailed to our office. Then we can begin to straighten your teeth.

We will give you the set of aligner trays and instruct you to use each tray at two-week intervals. Each tray is designed to move your teeth to a slightly straighter position than the previous tray. By the end of your series, you should have a beautiful, straight smile and a well-aligned bite.

As with traditional braces, you should protect your investment after treatment. Retainer use will ensure your teeth remain in the same position. Many patients choose a retainer that resembles the clear plastic trays of Invisalign. Others choose a small metal band cemented to the back of your front teeth to keep them from drifting and protect your beautiful new smile.

Invisalign® Vs. Traditional Braces

  • Appearance – the Invisalign® trays are made from a clear plastic that is virtually invisible. Traditional braces consist of metal brackets, a thin metal wire, and elastic bands, all of which are very visible.
  • Treatment time – Invisalign should be worn nearly 24 hours a day, only to be taken out when you eat or clean your teeth. The treatment time for Invisalign typically ranges from 6 to 18 months. Braces are non-removable, and treatment typically lasts for two years or more.
  • Cleaning and maintenance – Invisalign trays are easy to clean and maintain. If you lose or break a tray, you can simply move on to the next one in your series. Traditional braces require the use of a water pick or special floss. The brackets and wires make it more difficult to clean your natural teeth. If your wire breaks, you can only fix it by scheduling an appointment.

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