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You hear all the time how important it is to brush and floss and visit the dentist every six months. However, how often do you adhere to these recommendations? Many people, despite knowing the recommendations set forth by the American Dental Association, skip out on brushing or flossing sessions or do not regularly attend dental visits. They mistakenly believe that if their mouth feels fine, then everything must be fine. However, many dental issues exhibit no symptoms in the early stages. By the time you notice something is wrong, the issue has progressed into something more serious and may require more invasive treatments. At LakeView Dental Arts, we are here to help you maintain optimal oral health with proper oral hygiene. We want to provide a safe, comfortable, friendly experience where you look forward to returning!

Why Is Oral Hygiene So Important?

Your mouth is made up of several components, each with its own specific, essential functions. The teeth are responsible for biting and chewing, play a role in speech, and are even important for jawbone health. They also play an integral part in your smile. The gums protect the roots of your teeth from bacterial invasion and contribute to a beautiful smile. The jaw maintains the shape of your face and plays a part in your abilities to eat and speak.

Taking good care of your mouth is essential for keeping all of the components of your mouth healthy. Ignoring any part of your oral hygiene routine, whether you skip a few brushing sessions here and there, forgo flossing, or skip regular dental visits, can quickly increase your risk for developing tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral and overall health issues. You may develop cavities or infections. You may be faced with tooth loss. In addition to oral health issues, bacteria can enter your bloodstream, which can lead to serious issues such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as general malaise.

Taking Care of Your Mouth at Home

Oral hygiene begins at home. The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth twice a day for two full minutes every time. It is recommended that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle circular motions. It is important that you brush all surfaces of your teeth, fronts, backs, and chewing surfaces. Here at LakeView Dental Arts, we also recommend our patients use ultrasonic toothbrushes such as Sonicare because they are more effective than manual brushing.

Along with brushing, it is recommended that you floss your teeth at least once a day. You can use traditional floss or floss picks. Floss picks are a good option for those who lack manual dexterity. Gently move the floss back and forth to work it between the teeth. Do not force the floss or snap it against your gums. Scrape the floss up and down the sides of each tooth, including behind the very back teeth.

How We Can Help

In addition to your home care routine, professional oral care is essential. We recommend that you have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined every six months. Cleanings are designed to remove all buildup from the surfaces of your teeth, including plaque that has turned into tartar. Tartar cannot be removed with a toothbrush or floss. Exams allow us to check your teeth for early warning signs of oral health issues. If we do find anything, we can provide prompt treatment to prevent issues from getting worse. We can also provide additional preventative measures with sealants and fluoride. Some individuals may elect to have cleanings every 3-4 months if they build excessive tartar, are prone to periodontal problems, or have invested a lot in restorative dental work they want to protect proactively.

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Proper oral hygiene practices can help you avoid serious oral health complications, keeping your mouth happy and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, call LakeView Dental Arts today at (865) 376-9687.

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