Crown Lengthening

Kingston, TN

Your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you. A beautiful smile has the power to leave a great first impression. A major component in the appearance of your smile is your teeth. However, even if your teeth are perfectly straight and bright white, your smile still may not be what you want it to be. Excess gum tissue can cause your otherwise perfect teeth to appear small, which can significantly decrease the quality of your smile. At LakeView Dental Arts, we can eliminate the appearance of a gummy smile with crown lengthening.

Crown Lengthening

When you have excess gum tissue, your otherwise beautiful teeth appear smaller than natural. In some cases, they may even look like baby teeth. Crown lengthening is a procedure that is designed to remove excess tissue, restoring a natural gum line and improving the quality of your smile. Some patients undergoing crown lengthening may also need to have a small amount of bone removed to help achieve the best possible results.

How Is a Crown Lengthening Done?

In the past, crown lengthening was performed using a scalpel, which could cause a significant amount of bleeding as well as pain and swelling. Today, we perform the procedure using a laser. The laser uses a concentrated beam of light that vaporizes tissue, cauterizing it as it cuts. This reduces the amount of bleeding that you may experience. Additionally, the laser is much more accurate than a scalpel, which reduces any pain and swelling you might experience.

Your procedure begins with a local anesthetic. Sedation may also be provided if you feel anxious, including Nitrous Oxide. Small incisions are made in the gum tissue, enabling us to separate the tissue from your teeth. Next, the laser is used to remove the excess tissue. If necessary, we also remove any bone that may be in the way. Once we have removed the necessary tissue, your gums are cleaned and then sutured securely back against your teeth. You will be able to see the results right away, and they will only continue to improve as you heal.

Other Uses for Crown Lengthening

While crown lengthening is commonly used for cosmetic purposes, the procedure also has some functional purposes as well

  • Crown placement. When your teeth are severely damaged, crowns are often used to restore their strength and appearance. Crowns are made to cover the entire crown of a damaged tooth. Excess gum tissue can prevent the proper placement of a crown, increasing your risk for infections or other complications. By removing excess gum tissue, the crown can be placed properly over the affected tooth.
  • Fillings. A cavity at the gum line can be complicated. There may be decay underneath the gum line that cannot be easily removed. Additionally, the filling may not be properly placed. Removing excess gum tissue will ensure that a cavity is thoroughly cleaned and properly filled.
  • Periodontal health. Excess gum tissue can greatly increase your risk of developing gum disease. This is because the excess tissue provides hiding places for bacteria, and cleaning can be difficult. By removing excess gum tissue, bacteria have nowhere to hide, and your gums are much easier to maintain.

If a gummy smile is holding you back, crown lengthening can help. Call LakeView Dental Arts to schedule your consultation today at (865) 376-9687.

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