Laser Gum Recontouring

Kingston, TN

Quite often, when asked what makes a beautiful smile, many people respond with the appearance of the teeth. While beautiful, straight, sparkling white teeth play a major role in the quality of your smile, they are not the only factor. The appearance of your gums can also play a significant role. Even with perfect teeth, an uneven gum line, excessive gum tissue, or gum recession can decrease the quality of your smile. At LakeView Dental Arts, we can restore a natural gum line with laser gum recontouring.

Causes of an Uneven Gum Line

When the line of your gums is too high, too low, or uneven, the quality of your smile is significantly decreased, even if your teeth are otherwise perfect. A gum line that is too high, or uneven, is often caused by gum recession. One of the biggest causes of gum recession is gum disease. Recession can also be caused by aggressive brushing or bruxism. Your teeth appear longer than natural, which can sometimes make you appear older than you are. Gum recession can also lead to tooth sensitivity and an increased risk for cavity development. A gum line that is too low, causing a gummy smile, is often caused by genetics. It may also be caused by certain types of medications. When the gum line is too low, it can cause your teeth to appear smaller than they are and can even make them look like baby teeth.

Laser Gum Recontouring

Gum recontouring is a procedure that is performed to reshape your gum line to provide you with a much more natural appearance. Traditionally, this procedure has been done with a scalpel. Today, however, we perform gum recontouring with a laser. The laser uses a concentrated beam of light to vaporize tissue and stimulate new growth. The laser cauterizes as it cuts, reducing bleeding. It is also much more accurate than a scalpel, which significantly reduces pain and swelling.

Your laser gum recontouring procedure is performed under a local anesthetic. Small incisions are made in your gums, and the laser is used to recontour your gum line, helping you to achieve your desired results. As soon as the procedure is complete, the gums are sutured back up against the necks of your teeth. Your results are noticeable immediately.

With the use of a laser, your downtime following your procedure is greatly reduced. However, you should still take some time to rest and recover. We will provide you with specific aftercare instructions that will help you to deal with common issues such as pain. You will also be recommended to eat soft foods for the first few days following your procedure, as well as limit your activities.

Benefits of Laser Gum Recontouring

Laser gum recontouring offers several benefits:

  • The procedure provides you with a more natural-looking gum line, which helps to improve the quality of your smile.
  • An improved smile restores your confidence.
  • The results are noticeable right away.
  • Your oral health is improved.
  • The procedure can make necessary dental restorations such as crowns, teeth veneers, or composite veneers possible.

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