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What is the Recovery time After Dental Implant Surgery?

Kingston TN

When it comes to replacing your missing tooth in Kingston, a dental implant remains your best option. No other treatment in restorative dentistry can match an implant in terms of function and durability. Receiving a dental implant is a big decision, in large part because the placement of the implant screw itself requires surgically inserting it into your jawbone. Today on the blog, we review what to expect in terms of recovery time after dental implant surgery.

Immediately after the implant installation

The implant screw is the vital part of a dental implant. This screw usually is made of a durable metal such as titanium. It is placed in the jawbone where the lost tooth once resided.

Remember that oral surgery is still surgery. Consequently, you can expect some degree of pain, swelling and tenderness immediately following the procedure. Also, based on the method of sedation used for the implant surgery, you may need to arrange transportation to and from your appointment. You and your implant dentist in Kingston should have established a pain plan prior to the procedure. Be sure to change your surgical gauze pack as needed.

The first two weeks

Follow this regimen to care for the surgical site in the initial two weeks following the implant surgery: 

  • Keep your head elevated when you rest
  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater
  • Eat a diet of soft foods
  • Minimize any strenuous activity, which could increase bleeding
  • Keep up your regular brushing and flossing
  • Maintain your schedule of post-op dental visits

The healing process

Once your implant surgery is complete and you are past the initial stage of recovery, the wait begins as osseointegration takes place. This is the term used for the process of the implant fusing with the jawbone and, once complete, the implant screw serves as “the root” for your replacement tooth. As osseointegration occurs, make sure to keep brushing and flossing around the implant site, though not directly on it, as this can make the surgery site begin to bleed again.

During this phase, if you experience continuous bleeding or significant pain, contact your implant dentist in Kingston as soon as possible.

Adding the abutment

Once the implant has fused with your jawbone, you will return to our office for an abutment. The abutment is a metal structure that your dentist attaches to the implant screw by making a small incision to open the gum tissue and then attaching it. The healing process from this stage lasts another 2-4 weeks. If you experience pain, swelling or irritation, which all should be minimal, you can manage these consequences through the use of an over-the-counter pain reliever or applying ice packs.

Completing the process

The last stage in the process is to top your delta implant with a crown. Thanks to CAD-CAM technology, we can now complete a crown procedure in a single appointment. Your new crown is based on digital impressions, allowing for a precise model that fits the alignment of your bite.

Dental implants in Kingston, Tennessee

Now that you know what to expect from the implant process and recovery, if you’ve been living with lost teeth and you’d like to learn if a dental implant might be right for you, schedule your consultation at LakeView Dental Arts today. Just call our office at (865) 376-9687 or complete our appointment form online.

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