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Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

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If you watched the Oscars recently, you saw celebrity after celebrity walk the red carpet, many of them with perfect-looking smiles. The truth is fabulous smiles don’t occur naturally; they are made through cosmetic dentistry. This specialization of dental science combines beautiful materials, state-of-the-art technology, innovative techniques and highly trained dental professionals to produce fabulous results. If you have thought about seeking cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile, you might be unsure where to start. Today on the blog, your cosmetic dentists in Kingston explore some of the different types of cosmetic dental procedures.

Teeth whitening: A professional dental whitening treatment is the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry, and for good reason. First and foremost, a whitening procedure by your dentist is going to produce better results that last longer, as these treatments use bleaching agents more powerful than any store-bought whitening product or kit. Second, since your procedure is overseen by one of our Kingston cosmetic dentists, this lowers your risk of experiencing heightened tooth sensitivity during or after the treatment.

Veneers: Speaking of Hollywood, did you know that veneers were invented nearly a century ago by a Los Angeles dentist for use during a movie production? Today, veneers are available to almost anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their smile. Veneers are placed over the front of the tooth or tooth being treated. They can be used to simultaneously address an assortment of aesthetic flaws: chips, cracks, fractures, the appearance of mild crookedness or to conceal a gap between teeth. Veneers also represent a permanent alternative to whitening treatments, to address discoloration.

Bonding: A dental bonding treatment can address many of the same issues that veneers can. However, a bonding procedure is completed in less time and is less expensive when compared to veneers. A bonding treatment also can be reversed, whereas if you receive veneers and later have to remove them for whatever reason, this entails making an appointment with your dentist for removal.

Invisalign: For years, receiving orthodontic treatment meant getting braces. Today, you can get straighter teeth in Kingston through Invisalign, a method of clear aligner therapy. You receive a set of transparent plastic aligners that fit snugly over your teeth and receive a different set of aligners every few weeks as treatment continues. Invisalign is not only discreet, but the aligners are removable, making it easier to clean your teeth and possible to receive treatment without any dietary limitations. LakeView Dental Arts is proud to be a certified Invisalign provider.

Cosmetic dentistry in Kingston, Tennessee

These are just a few of the procedures LakeView Dental Arts offers as part of our program of cosmetic dentistry. If you would like to learn more about any of these treatments, or just have more information about cosmetic dentistry, take the next step and schedule a consultation. At this appointment, you can discuss your aesthetic goals and ask any questions you may have, while one of our cosmetic dentists evaluates your oral health and reviews your dental records.

Learn about how cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile. Make an appointment today by calling (865) 376-9687 or completing our online appointment form.

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