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How to Get the Best-Looking Smile in Kingston

Kingston TN

Have you ever noticed someone smile and their teeth look absolutely perfect? For most of those people, their flawless teeth didn’t happen naturally. It is the result of the work of an experienced cosmetic dentist. This is especially the case for many celebrities. You may not be a celebrity or social media influencer, but you deserve to smile with confidence, too. Porcelain veneers make it possible. Today on the blog, LakeView Dental Arts shares how to get the best-looking smile in Kingston.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are custom-made restorations made of a thin porcelain shell that fit over the front surface of your teeth. Veneers simultaneously can address multiple concerns, such as chipped, crooked, gapped, or overlapping teeth, all without the need for orthodontics or extensive treatments. Usually, patients opt for veneers when they want a smile makeover and need more than one or two teeth repaired to produce dramatic yet natural results.

What is the veneer process like?

The dentist numbs your mouth before prepping your teeth for the veneers. This entails removing a slight portion of your existing tooth structure, just enough to ensure that the veneers make a flush bond against your teeth and do not look bulky or thick once placed. Once your teeth are prepared, we’ll install temporary veneers to protect your teeth while your permanent ones are made by the dental lab. Roughly two weeks later, you’ll return to our office and the dentist permanently bonds your veneers on your teeth, making any necessary adjustments.

What will my veneers look like?

Veneers look incredibly natural because we use the highest quality dental porcelain that mimics the translucency of real dental enamel. Dental porcelain can be customized to various shades of white, whether you want an overall brighter look or prefer that your new veneer matches your surrounding teeth if you’re only getting one or two veneers. And once in place, veneers are permanent. With good oral care, veneers should last 10 years or longer. In some instances, patients may have the same veneers for decades, but if one breaks or pops off, you will need to replace it with a new one.

Who should get veneers?

If you’re an adult that is unhappy with their smile, you might be a good candidate for veneers. You should have good oral health and be willing to adopt an oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and maintaining a schedule of regular dental checkups.

Additionally, veneers may be right for you if you have aesthetic concerns, such as teeth that are:

  • Stained
  • Chipped
  • Crooked
  • Overlapping
  • Uneven
  • Misshapen

How do I get started?

For these reasons, and more, veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments that help patients of all walks of life achieve a confident and attractive smile. Veneers are one of the easiest ways to achieve the best-looking smile in Kingston.  If you would like to learn more about veneers or find out if this treatment is right for you, start by scheduling a consultation with us at LakeView Dental Arts. Learn more by calling LakeView Dental Arts at (865) 376-9687.

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