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Health Benefits of Taking Care of your Smile

Kingston TN

Having a healthy smile improves more than just a person’s confidence. It also improves their overall physical health.

How? Our Kingston family dentist is sharing that information on the blog today!


A beautiful, healthy, sparkling smile can completely transform someone’s self-esteem. The happier people are with their smiles, the more they’ll flash them. And people who smile more are more self-confident. This is a positive cycle that improves personal and professional relationships.

Improved mood

Smiling can quite literally change the way a person feels. When a person smiles, the brain releases chemicals — dopamine, endorphins and serotonin — that help lower anxiety and make a person feel less stressed and more happy.

Attract others

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. Feeling good about your smile translates into better energy, attitude and mood. A great smile sends a signal to people that you are friendly and approachable, which attracts them to you. This can be beneficial in both social circles and professional lives.

Better overall health

Having a healthy smile improves the overall health of the body in several ways. It leads to a person smiling more often, and a recent Mayo Clinic study found that laughing and thinking positive thoughts helps a body fight off disease by improving immune system responses. In addition to that, the simple act of smiling can lower a person’s blood pressure, strengthening his or her heart health over time. Further, gum disease is common among American adults. But left untreated, it increases the risk of a person developing chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Taking care of a smile, explains our Rockwood family dentist, is also taking care of your body and physical health.

How can you take care of your smile?

Easy! Brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning after breakfast and once before bed at night, and floss daily. And just as critical: don’t skip your twice-annual appointments with your family dentist like ours in Harriman. A professional cleaning every six months will keep your mouth and teeth in tip-top shape.

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Taking care of your smile is also taking care of your mind and body. If it’s time for your routine dental visit, call our family dentist at LakeView Dental Arts at (865) 248-2199, or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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