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Have Questions About Dental Implants? We Have Answers.

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Tooth loss is a multi-faceted problem. It leaves gaps in your tooth alignment, preventing you from feeling fully confident when you smile. But those gaps can cause even bigger oral-health issues.

When teeth are missing, other surrounding teeth start to shift and move to fill the gaps. It, quite literally, becomes a problem from the inside out: missing teeth can cause your face to lose its fullness over time.

Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry has an option to avoid and repair these issues. LakeView Dental Arts uses dental implants to replace missing teeth. Today, our Kingston dentists discuss how implants work and if they could be the perfect solution for you to feel confident behind your smile.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a multi-part solution to replace a single lost tooth. Our Kingston dentists insert a titanium post into the jawbone, where the natural tooth is missing. The post eventually fuses into the jawbone and becomes the root, of sorts, for a dental crown that is created to look exactly like your natural teeth in color, shape and size. When you smile, no one can tell the difference between the crown and your natural teeth.

How Long Should Dental Implants Last?

With proper oral care, dental implants have a success rate of more than 97 percent. In fact, once a dental implant has properly integrated with the jawbone, it will remain in place for a lifetime. Eventually, the dental crowns, themselves, may need to be replaced, but even those will last 10-15 years – perhaps longer – with proper dental hygiene.

Who Qualifies for Dental Implants?

People with good oral health – including healthy gums and adequate jawbone mass – make excellent candidates for dental implants. But we have options even for those who have been missing teeth for a long time and/or don’t have the jawbone mass to support implants. Our Rockwood dentists may suggest a bone graft to prepare the jawbone for implants.

Can Dental Implants Replace Multiple Missing Teeth?

Yes! In the event someone is losing all his or her teeth, we do not want to replace each individual tooth with an implant. Instead, we offer an “all-in-four” implant restoration, which can permanently replace an entire mouth of missing teeth with just eight titanium posts — four on top and four on bottom. If many teeth in a row are missing, an implant-supported bridge is a great choice for restoration.

How Much Maintenance Do Dental Implants Require?

Implants require no more maintenance than natural teeth: brushing, flossing and two routine visits a year to our dental office is all it takes!

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Total implant cost depends on a wide range of variables, including the number of implants required and whether an implant-supported bridge or bone transplant is needed. During your consultation with our Kingston dental staff, we will be able to provide an estimated cost based on your individualized treatment plan.

Dental Implants in Kingston, TN

If you suffer with missing teeth, dental implants are a remarkable way for our dentists to help you achieve the permanent, natural smile you maybe never thought you’d have. We’re here to help and answer any of your questions about dental-implant restoration. Give our implant dentists at LakeView Dental Arts a call today – (865) 376-9687 – or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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