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5 Reasons Kingston Dentists Recommend Smile Makeovers

Kingston TN

Few people are born with what it takes to eventually have the perfect smile. Some folks are born with what will become issues later in life, such as a mouth that’s too small for the teeth that come through or even teeth that are too big for the mouth someone is born with. Sometimes, people have gaps in their teeth or more-than-average gum tissue is exposed when they smile. Later in life, chips, breaks and discoloration of teeth can happen because of trauma, diet or habits like biting fingernails or using the teeth as tools. People can even have a tooth knocked out in an accident or while playing sports.

While many folks seek out our cosmetic dentist in Kingston to correct imperfections in their smiles, we are quick to point out that a smile makeover is much more than a combination of cosmetic procedures. It is also a plan that will significantly improve your overall oral health, which can prevent costly and time-consuming dental issues down the road.

Let’s take a look today at five reasons why our dental team at LakeView Dental Arts recommends a smile makeover:

You’ll feel better

Chances are high that you’ve felt insecure about your smile at some point in your life. It can make a person feel self-conscious and result in them smiling with their lips closed or covering their mouths when they smile or laugh to hide their teeth. This is not the quality of life you deserve. If the condition of your smile is keeping you from freely participating in social interactions or applying for a job or a promotion at work, let’s talk! Whether you want to simply whiten and brighten your smile or if you want to replace missing teeth, our smile makeover will help improve your self-confidence, making it more enjoyable and less embarrassing to participate in social and professional engagements.

You’ll look younger

From yellowing teeth to sagging skin, the human body undergoes multiple changes as it ages. Those changes affect your face, too, and make you look older than your actual age. If you want to brighten your smile, you could benefit from professional teeth whitening services at our Rockwood cosmetic dentist office. If you’re looking to replace missing teeth, you can benefit from our state-of-the-art dental implants. A smile makeover can repair functional or cosmetic issues that have naturally added years to your appearance — no plastic surgery needed!

You’ll be investing in your oral health

A smile makeover will make your smile beautiful. But it’s so much more than that. Our smile makeovers in Harriman can address negative dental issues that are affecting your oral health, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Invest in your smile today, and you will enjoy the benefits for years to come!

You’ll enjoy eating again

Many people who suffer from damaged or missing teeth find it challenging — or even painful — to eat. A person’s oral health can and does ultimately affect his or her nutrition. If you struggle to eat foods you once enjoyed, our smile makeover will help give you back your ability to chew and consume the foods you love.

You’ll be investing in YOU

Among the most important advantages of a smile makeover, you’ll be making yourself a priority. Many people live their entire lives without ever investing in themselves. A smile makeover can improve your appearance and self-confidence, it can make you look and feel younger, and it can improve your oral health.

Smile makeovers in Kingston, Harriman and Rockwood, TN

Practice some self-care and self-love. Be in touch with our cosmetic dentists at LakeView Dental Arts, and let’s talk about how a customized smile makeover can help you. Give our office a call at (865) 248-2199, or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

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